Statementby the Ministry of Interior

Egypt maintains cooperation with Italy
over death of Italian student
     The official of the Security Media Center said that, within the  framework of cooperation with the Italian side to uncover the reasons behind  the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni, who was found dead in Cairo  several days ago, the Assistant Interior Minister for Public Security Sector  received an Italian police team who arrived to Egypt yesterday to follow up  the security measures adopted to unravel the reasons behind his death.  The visiting Italian team was briefed on the measures of  investigation into the incident and security efforts exerted since the  reporting of the student's disappearance until he was found dead.  The Italian team was also posted on the details of the plan that  was outlined to uncover the circumstances of his death.  



  Statement by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research   
     The Ministry of Higher  Education and Scientific Research followed up with all concern the  developments of the murder of Cambridge University Italian student Giulio  Regeni who was killed in Egypt earlier this month.  The ministry refrained from  issuing any statements out of its keenness on the course of investigations  that are supervised by the Egyptian Prosecutor General. The probe will  eventually uncover the truth behind the regrettable incident. Although the  ministry and the Egyptian government confirmed since the very beginning of  the incident their keenness on unraveling the truth in full, but social media  inside and outside Egypt are rife with false information and claims about  acts which never took place. Despite several clarifications by the Egyptian  government and the Interior Ministry, these false information and claims  continued including calls by some researchers and academicians to mobilize  their colleagues with a view to placing pressure on Egypt under the pretext  of committing human rights violations and calling for academic freedom and  social justice in Egypt and the Middle East.  These claims are lacking any  solid base or tangible or logical evidence. They come at a time when the  Egyptian political leadership and government are exerting all efforts to  observe human rights and dignity and also a time when Egypt enjoys much  personal and academic freedom in all scientific and research fields.  And despite all these facts,  there is keenness on politicizing this incident that could take place in one  day for scores of times in several parts of the world. This led the ministry  to confirm that Egypt is hosting a large number of foreign students who would  hit 70,000 from different world countries. They are studying in Egyptian  governmental and private universities in all scientific specializations.  These students are practicing their life with all freedom as they feel safe  and secure to move in all parts of Egypt and enjoy cordial relations with the  Egyptians.
The  ministry and the Egyptian governmental and private universities are lending  much care and interest to these students; especially when any mishap would  take place in an effort to enhance humanitarian relations with them.
The  ministry holds that reports published on social media are premeditated  jumping to conclusion and prejudicing the investigations into the incident.  These reports are also direct interference in the course of the probe. This  stance confirms that these reports are not meant to reach the truth in as  much as they are meant to destabilize the image of Egypt before the world who  asserted its full respect to Egypt and its sons, thanks to the efforts  exerted by the Egyptian political leadership and government and through the  grand achievements that were realized atop of which comes restoring the major  Egyptian role in the Arab region, the Middle East and the world.  Also, several agreements on  scientific cooperation are being signed between Egypt and several world  countries from Europe, Asia and Africa at this stage; a state of affairs that  reflects full confidence in Egypt's potentials and its decisions and its  internal and foreign policies.

  NCHR: Prejudging investigation results is in nobody’s interest   
     The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) is closely  following up the circumstances of the death of the Italian student Giulio  Regeni.  The Council is deeply saddened for this incident, and called for  a thorough and impartial investigation to uncover the ambiguity of this  incident and bring the perpetrators to justice as they will not escape  punishment.  The NCHR will closely follow the investigations and announce the  results of the findings to the public opinion, stressing that prejudging the  investigation results is in nobody's interest.  In the same vein, the NCHR offers sincere condolences to  Giulio's family, friends and the Italian people.  
  Statement of The
Egyptian Trade Union Federation
On the death of 
Italian Student Giulio Regeni
     The Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) followed up with all  regret and pain the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni in Cairo whose  body was found on Alex-Cairo desert road on February 3rd.
  ETUF is strongly condemning this cowardly act which was committed by  criminals with a view to undermining the time-honored relations between Egypt  and Italy. This crime is also aimed at tarnishing the reputation of Egypt and  harming its national economy let alone hampering and impeding foreign  investments into Egypt in general and the Italian investments in particular;  a state of affairs that would create an atmosphere of instability and tension  in relations between the two countries. However, these plots by criminals  will never bear fruit.
  ETUF also denounces any attempt to prejudice the probe into the incident or  to jump into conclusion without any solid base in a desperate and infamous  bid to frame up official security bodies inside Egypt with torturing and  killing the Italian citizen.
  We have all confidence that the Egyptian security apparatus and probe bodies  will maintain their efforts with all transparency and objectivity to arrest  the killers and bring them to justice so that they get the deserved  punishment in accordance with the law.
  ETUF is categorically rejecting the fierce attack carried out by some foreign  trade unions in collaboration with their hirelings of the illegitimate  organizations inside Egypt to spread their venom and malicious ideas inside  the Egyptian society with a view to destabilizing the country at this  critical juncture.
  We confirm that the Egyptian workers are fully aware of the internal and  external plots besetting the homeland. They are also well aware of their  important role in squaring up against the illegitimate organizations that are  behind these plots and these tendentious rumors. The Egyptian workers pledge  to exert all efforts for pushing forward the homeland and piloting it to  safety.



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