• Name: Abdel Fattah Said Hussein Khalil el-Sisi 

• Place and date of birth: Cairo- 19 November 1954 

• Graduated from Egyptian Military Academy in 1977

• Marital status: Married

• Children: three boys and one girl    

• Military education:

 - General Command and Staff Course, Egyptian Command and Staff College,  1987; 
- General Command and Staff Course, Joint Command and Staff College,  United Kingdom, 1992;
- Fellowship of the Higher War College, Nasser's Military Sciences  Academy, Egypt, 2003;
- Fellowship of US Army War College, United States, 2006; 
- Egyptian Military Attaché in Riyadh, KSA; 
- Basic Infantry Course, USA

• Main command positions: 
- Commander, 509th Mechanized Infantry Battalion; 
- Chief of Staff, 134th Mechanized Infantry Brigade;

- Commander, 16th Mechanized Infantry Brigade; 
- Chief of Staff, 2nd Mechanized Infantry Division;
- Chief of Staff, Northern Military Zone; 
- Director, Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department;
- Minister of Defense in 2012;
- Promoted to Field Marshal in January 2014

• Medals and decorations:
- 25th April Decoration (Liberation of Sinai) ;
- Distinguished Service Decoration;
- Military Duty Decoration, Second Class;
- Military Duty Decoration, First Class;
- Longevity and Exemplary Medal;
- Liberation of Kuwait Medal;
- Silver Jubilee of October War Medal;
- Golden Jubilee of the 23rd of July Revolution;
- Silver Jubilee of the Liberation of Sinai Medal;
- 25th  January Revolution Medal    

• Announcement to run in 2014 elections:
- On March 26th, 2014, in a statement to the nation, Field Marshal  el-Sisi resigned as minister of defence and military production and announced  his intention to run for presidency.
- On March 27th, 2014 el-Sisi tendered his resignation to Prime Minister  Ibrahim Mahlab.





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