Example of a Bank Guarantee



Our Reference: Gl 40.693/ak


Egyptian Customs Authority






To whom it may concern:


Our customer, name and address of filmproduction company, intends to produce a documentary film in Egypt. For this purpose an electronic camera and other technical equipment with a total value of 15.000 Euro will be imported to Egypt.


When the filming is completed all the equipment will be re-exported. According to the customs regulations in your country, our customer has to provide a bank guarantee for the total value of the equipment to secure his customs duties which will be due should the imported goods not be re-exported.


This being premised we, the bank, name and address of the bank, hereby irrevocably undertake to pay to you on your first written demand any amount up to:


15.000 Euro

Spoken: Euro: fifteen-thousand


provided that we receive with such demand your written confirmation that name of film production company failed to pay to you the customs duties which became due when the goods imported to Egypt had not been re-exported.


This guarantee is rendered null and void upon return of this Original Guarantee to us, but at the latest however, on  date unless your first written demand under this guarantee in accordance with the above-mentioned conditions has been received by us in name of the city where bank is situated by the end of the day.


All rights and obligations arising from this guarantee shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.


In the event of any recourse under the guarantee, we will effect payment in accordance with the regulations on payment transaction then in force between the Federal Republic of Germany and your country.



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