Filming Procedures in Egypt  


Please apply for a filming permission by submitting your application to the press office. Application can be sent by fax or e-mail.

Required documents in English:  


1. Present yourself and your company.

2. Present your project (exact script).

3. Tell us the exact places where you want to shoot the film / photos and the exact objects.

4. List the participants of the trip and send us the details of their passports.

5. State the exact dates of travelling, including time and city of departure and arrival as well as flight numbers. 

6. Equipment list

7. Bank Guarantee (see attached sample)  


A guarantee by any bank is needed stating the total value of the equipment (in English). Please note that the original of this document has to be at hand during the whole trip.  


The validity must be no less than three months after outward voyage.

Please notice that the filming permission will take about four weeks to be issued.


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 Tel.: 030 89 54 19 03